StepSetGo - Here to walk with you every step of your way! 

Started in 2019, StepSetGo was created with the intent to make fitness fun again! Born with the mission of rewarding people to get fit, the company was also started with a vision to make working in an organisation fun, yet enriching & evolving experience! 

The StepSetGo team, or the #StepSetFam as we call it, has now grown to become a team of more than 50 employees, spread across the country. 


The thing about living in a family is that no matter what happens, you will always have their back. Whether the servers go down or an urgent logistics shipment is to be delivered, the entire team ensures smooth functioning and walks shoulder-to-shoulder (while there is some corny music being played, of course).

All decisions, be it suggesting new breathtaking features or simply selecting a place for the next party are based on an organisation-wide discussion, with every single team member involved.

If you have read till here, we’re sure you might be thinking of all the other companies that you have come across having the same, silly write-ups about the office culture. 

How are we different? Well, because we don’t just walk the walk, we also talk the talk! 

We work hard and party harder


This open-cultured start-up is where we live, work, care and party together. Every few weeks, we catch up over an amazing outing. Be it an adventure park, Bowling Nights, turfs or the good old dance-offs!

We believe in Time off > Overtime


Apart from the long list of calendar holidays, we have a generous leave policy that accommodates (almost) every reason for which you would want to take the time off. Be it an emergency, a vacation (yes! we have vacation leaves) with your loved ones, or anything in between.

We have surprise day offs

We also have a company-wide surprise day off each quarter (which is always a long weekend), so that you can take that “always-postponed” long weekend trip.

We celebrate the miracle of life


Your birthday is as special for us as it is for you and your parents. To celebrate this amazing day, your leave is on the house. And if you are a soon-to-be parent, our Maternity & Paternity leave policies will ensure you get enough care and time for yourself and your family before and after your baby arrives.

We have our own rituals


Every Friday night, we end the week by playing different games, easing our way into the #WeekendLife (Pro tip: Make sure you’re good at playing Mafia). Also, every year on our birthday, we host the “StepSetGOlympics” where you compete for the pride and glory of your team and the prestigious SSG Cup!


We have Zaheer Khan as one of our leaders


The cricket legend Zaheer Khan is one of our co-founders and the brand ambassador, who is deeply involved in the evolution of this fitness revolution. Whether it is a major milestone that we achieve or a meet and greet with our beloved users, Zaheer is always available to support and cheer our mission to make India fitter!

We believe in overachieving

Our growth over the span of just 3 years has been nothing short of astronomical. With industry-leading MOUs and DAUs, it was clear that SSG is taking fitness in India by the storm. With 50 members in the #StepSetFam, we are just a small team of like-minded individuals who handle the scales and numbers that literally reach Trillions. We are honored and humbled to receive the love of our users and some of the most prestigious awards in the health and fitness space. Here are just some of our achievements:

1. Best App Award in the Health Category, Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge 2020  by Govt. of India (August 2020), with a special shoutout by Shri Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat Podcast


2. Achieved Rank #2 in the Indian Fitness App Category by Similarweb (July 2020)


3. Achieved Rank #2 for user engagement in Fitness Apps across India by App Annie (November 2021)


With this, we are also happy to announce that we have bagged in the support and investment from Huddle and BeyondSeed, and the only way we look is upwards!

Read more:  Huddle, BeyondSeed back fitness start-up StepSetGo






So, are you ready to join us on this journey of building a superlative product?

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